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Truly reprehensible are they who would seek to profit by the continuing ignorance of others.  Equally contemptible are those who would always sneer at such ignorance, and even any striving by others to overcome this disadvantage, while, at the same time, carefully concealing their own lack of useful knowledge.  Commerce, education, and society-at-large, are all blighted by fostering such malicious attitudes.  Furthermore, consumer education should not be regarded as a form of industrial or commercial espionage, and, not all of the people need to learn the hard way, all of the time.  Surely then, the definition of a good business relationship is a knowledgeable and confident customer dealing with a trustworthy merchant, and, as the occasion will, of course, demand, vice versa? 

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Herein are entirely gratis, and clean, HTML documents, and also, more detailed and updated WORD and PDF versions. The Edit/Search facilities in a word processor, browser, and/or Adobe Reader, are recommended as being useful to track key words or phrases. To open the PDF files, obtain Adobe PDF Reader, FoxitPDF, or similar.  Please bear with bear with Arial, the author is somewhat dyslexic, this font is easiest to read and manage for ongoing updates and for provision of wysiwyg PDF and WORD printouts, as well as being easy on printer ink.  Colour coding of text also helps with discernment, as well as aiding navigation, and, portraying emphasis. FYI, a very useful reference for anyone interested in dyslexia is DITT

Special thanks are also due to the Open Directory Project,  dmoz.org, and affiliates, and to those public-spirited Search Engines who freely support public information websites such as this one.  

All going well, the website will continue to develop, and volunteer proofreaders and/or more expert advisors are most welcome to contribute.  Meanwhile, download, and please feedback on:

                    Introductory HTML Versions:                                                     

       Epitaph for a Planetary Biosphere    

       A Manual of Home Solar Power Management, and Why  

       FLA Battery Management Wall Chart  

       Countering Alternative Energy Misinformation Extant in NZ 

       A Winemaking Beginner's Factfile   

       Laptop/Notebook/Netbook Mini User's Factfile   Plus Troubleshooting

       Choosing and Purchasing a Laptop

       Beginner's Computer Management Factfile    Still valid for Win7      

        Mini Computer Management Factfile    Plus Troubleshooting  

       Mini Network Factfile   

       Mini-Linux User's Factfile    Plus Troubleshooting  

       Budget Internet Access Using Mobile WiFi Technology

       Notes On Raspberry Pi SBC

       Notes on Artificial Intelligence and Education in the Age of the Computer

Revised Laws of Robotics

      Notes on Building a Free Public Information Website 

More Mileage for XP, and Notes on Rising Linux OS Stars

       Notes on Knowledge and the Pursuit of Ideas 

       10 Problems of Knowledge   

      A Beginner Transport/Truck Driver's Factfile 

       Truck Driver's Heaven & Useful International Road Rules                                                                                                                                                                                                     
      Backpacker Hostel Management

       ESL Dictionary Game

     Nofrillstech's Full PDF & WORD Versions 

 Also, not forgetting Teamwork,  for the incentive and inspiration given to Nofrillstech ...          

 And finally, Miscellany , for a hodgepodge of light relief                                                   

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NOTE: Re the the full, editable, and updated MS WORD versions of Nofrillstech's Factfiles,  discard what you do not need, plus change fonts, re-paginate, and/or, add your own notes by using these editable versions.  Also, they are clean, no viruses or trojans.  If needed, here is a link to Microsoft Word Viewer 

UPDATES:   Main Page Contents updated 11.8.17     

Epitaph for a Planetary Biosphere  25.8.10

Home Solar Manual, PDF and WORD, updated 17.12.09

FLA Battery Management Wall Chart, HTML, PDF, and WORD, updated 11.1.08 

Notes on Solar Power in NZ, PDF and WORD 7.9.10

Wine Factfile, PDF and WORD, updated 14.12.10 

Computer Factfiles, PDF and WORD, updated 5.1.17  

Notes on Education and Artificial Intelligence in the Age of the Computer, HTML, PDF, WORD, updated 8.11.07  

Notes on Building a Free Public Information Website, HTML, PDF and WORD, revised and updated 26.8.07 

Notes on Knowledge and the Pursuit of Ideas, HTML, PDF and WORD, updated  5.12.09

10 Problems of Knowledge, HTML, PDF and WORD, 17.2.10 

Transport Driver's Factfile and Road Rules, HTML, PDF and WORD, updated 16.12.04 

ESL Dictionary Game HTML, PDF, and WORD, 2.5.14   

Manage Backpackers   NEW  10.4.17                                                                      

Revised Laws of Robotics  NEW  11.8.17                                 

A Thought For The Ages:  Einstein actually regarded himself as being a slow thinker, and, what was good enough for Einstein should be good enough for the rest of us.  So, we who follow him humbly in our own turn, must also keep thinking, no matter how falteringly, as long as we do continue to persevere... 

And, with gratitude to Graham Greene, author and novelist, for his candid, and to lesser scribbling or tapping mortals, most reassuring statement, that 500 words was a good day!  

Also, after re-reading Silent Spring, with great respect to Rachel Carson, for power and flow of writing on subjects that are never universally popular, but always needed confronting, both then, and even more so now...

Plus, to Louis Pasteur, Wine Scientist, who most wisely stated that fortune favours the prepared mind, which means that we must be prepared to learn from our errors, not just rationalize them, also inferring that learning, if properly applied, will soon build on itself.  Also,  'Reductionism is the Castor Oil of Reason'  (Anon or Trad)

Finally, with great respect to Charles Darwin, that terrestrial and intellectual adventurer extraordinaire, and true exemplar of patience and persistence, especially in relation to the Cirrapaedia, as well as Natural Selection and other similar matters...

Thanks are also due to particular libraries for help, plus use of books and other facilities, and also for those special bookshop opportunities to browse and buy books as well:

In Dunedin, New Zealand: Otago University Science Library and University Bookshop, and Dunedin  Public Library, also Scribes Bookshop.  In NSW, Australia: Goulburn and Mosman Public Libraries, Sophie's Books, Moss Vale, and Basement Books, Sydney.  Throughout the years, in many places, other herein unnamed libraries and bookshops have also been been fascinating and fulfilling destinations, of course...  

Those who do ask a question may be fools for five minutes, those who will not ask questions are fools forever  (China, trad. )

Long Live Libraries, Librarians, Bookshops, Book Sales, Free Press, Freedom of Choice, A Free Internet, plus, Comparative & Other Liberal Education Opportunities!

Special Community Support Link: In Memory of A Friend: The AMD Files

P. Clifford, Dunedin, NZ

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