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miscellany: a collection of writings on various subjects, a hodgepodge....

Here is a collection of articles and short stories that may be of interest, or, will simply provide some pleasure or entertainment for those venturing to read them.  With time, memory, and some extra inspiration, more miscellany items will be added. They are all in PDF format.. To open these files, obtain Adobe Reader, or FoxitPDF kindly available free. 

Short Stories, updated 16 4 17:

Adelaide and Return 69 KB Booklet of 10 pp.

A Story of Fair Play   51.41 Kb,  9 pp.

A Weekend in the Mountains   27 Kb,  6 pp.

Binding Over   50 Kb,  8 pp.

 Childhood   29.11 Kb,  5 pp.

Colour of Eyes 16Kb,  3 pp.

Mozart in the Antipodes  9Kb, 1p.

Occupational Health and Safety  38Kb, 6pp.

Of Small Creatures  24 Kb,  4 pp.

Some Farm and Animal Stories  37Kb, 6pp.

The Demon Barber  27Kb, 4 pp.

Other Ghost Stories

The Patient Who Was Naughty  24Kb,  3 pp.

Time in West Irian  65 Kb, 10 pp.

Articles, updated 16.4.17:

Athens Revisited  32 Kb Booklet of 2 pp.

The Changing Face of Germany  54 Kb,  3 pp.

Epitaph for a Planetary Biosphere  1.3 Mb of 5 pp.

Establishing and Running a Backpacker Hostel  65.6 Kb of 5 pp.

10 Problems of Knowledge  62 Kb of 3 pp.

 Notes on Artificial Intelligence and Education in The Age Of The Computer  187 Kb, 19 pp.


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