A Dangerous Silliness: "Teamwork" and the "Teamwork" Mentality

1) Public Service-style bonding, also giving functionaries something to think about while working, apart from just calculating Salary and Entitlements.

2) "Leadership" when there are no leaders, a shepherd for the sheep without salary burden, a ready- made haven of collective non-accountability and non-responsibility.

3) Public service-style religion, based principally on "Think Not, But Obey", while Feeling Good About Yourself, of course, markedly similar to common psychopaths and their Destinies, actually...and ever-accumulating that well-deserved Superannuation.

4) The dedicated institutionalisation of said non-accountability and non-responsibility within the biddable functionary recruit, using quasi-religious principles of brainwashing and bonding, and thus, maintaing a positive Fountainhead of lowest common denominator intelligence and unoriginal thinkers.

5) A means of helping the intellectually mediocre, morally stunted, and easily biddable functionary to more readily succumb to peer pressure and Greater Organizational Ideals, while promoting Team Think and Political Correctness as peak cognitive standards, along with mock-earnest, goose-stepping pseudo-intellectuality.

6) Identity formation aid and strengthener for non-realised personalities; a licence not to think, and professionally obfuscate while ensuring systemic Team self-protection and enhancement, thus always favouring cunning over intelligence.

7) Social sweetener and belongingness facilitator for those otherwise socially inept and incapable of significant personal intellectual performance or initiative.

8) Enabling the ineffectual functionary to abdicate personal responsibility for their conscience and anti-intellectual endeavour, and thus to be infinitely biddable in the services of whatever other ad hoc dubious agendas and vested interests.

9) A means of alienating and excluding better and harder workers, principled potential whistle-blowers, or people who just "don't fit in", all of whom would be consequently disliked or shunned for such unwelcome qualities.  Intelligence and originality of mind are especially alien qualities shunned by practicing Teamworkers.  

10) Ensures a ready-made pool of bullies, functionaries and brown-noses of potential value to any future totalitarian regime, well schooled in resorting to limitless nuances of the Nuremberg Defence when expedient.

Work, the Teamwork Mentality, And The Rest Of Us:
There are those who like to look at what they have done,
There are those who like to look at what they have to do,
Then, there are those who like to look at what they can avoid doing, and who like to look on what others have had to do because of this avoidance, and lo, these are mostly called "Teamworkers", because it takes a good "Team" to heroically strive with little effort, always hands free and heroic in stature, avoiding personal accountability and responsibility, yet always staying irreproachably clean.
Spot the suckers in the above list....

Mottos of the "Team":
"A Problem Solved is a Budget Lost!", "For Team, For EMPIRE!", or, Obfuscate, Deviate, Eliminate!",  "Collude! Dissemble! Deflect!",
"Productivity BAD, Re-Organisation GOOD!", and, that True Principle Tenet of Teamwork Holy Writ, "Procrastination, OK !!" (Relax, and don’t worry; whatever else happens, WE still get paid, no-one gets fired, and when High Heads do roll, THEIR Entitlements are always sufficient to The Noble Self-Sacrifice Thereof)

Add your own thoughts, and pass on the message, plus, beware of "Teamworkers",  "Teammembers", "Teamplayers", or whatever else they purport be, and no matter what their provenance; including, especially, Public Service, Corporate Sector, plus Politics, of course, and, wherever else a Teamwork-type mentality might, or already has, insinuated itself.

Where are all the impartial, objective, intelligent, and co-operative adults of integrity when they are needed?

"Teamwork", op cit, is actually the most degenerate form of democracy.  Apologies and commiseration to good sportspeople everywhere, for their respectable fair play identity being hijacked by those whose motives and deeds may be anything but sporting... 

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